Kaffe Fassett Flannel Design Wall

Thursday, March 13, 2014

On Kaffe Fassett's recent trip to Australia students were amazed at how working with the Flannel Design Wall enhanced their creative process. The Flannel Design Wall is now available at leading independent creative handcraft stores. 

“After the hit or mostly miss experience of my first dozen quilt designs, I stumbled on the idea of arranging my cut pieces on a design wall. That allowed me to view a new layout from a distance which eliminated any ripping out after sewing. You can view your new idea and quickly see if there are discordant notes to be adjusted. Most design walls are white, which, for me, is like working against head lights, so I recommend a neutral cloth which enhances the colour of the proposed scheme of any quilt idea and is easier on the eye. This grey wall is ideal and comes with a fine printed cream grid to aid alignment of patches. I do hope my students and patchworkers everywhere will enjoy this way of working. It has been such a compliment to my designing with colour.” 
- Kaffe Fassett 

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